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Cloudy Urine Causes

Why causes cloudy urine?

Why is my urine cloudy?

The reason why your urine is cloudy is that there are a large number of substances in the urine, such as urinary salts, cells, pus, mucus, bacteria, lipids and lipoproteins. These substances are either insoluble, or original soluble but separate out from the urine through crystallization. They are suspended in the urine or deposited at the bottom of the urine (vessel). So, your urine looks cloudy, turbid, opaque.

Cloudy urine may be normal

You do not have to worry about a occasional cloudy urine, because that is usually caused by harmless and transient causes. Foods that cause cloudy urine play an important role here. For example, eating too much vegetables or meat, or drinking lots of milk will lead to salts in urine thus to cloudy urine. Drinking too little water or taking excessive exercise will lead to a dehydration and subsequent cloudy urine. In the cold season, urine is easy cooling, especially in the early morning or night, and then, salts in the urine are more easily to be crystallized to cause a cloudy urine. People may be relative dehydration from sleeping overnight with no water intake and the urine stays in the urinary bladder for several hours (length of residence time of urine), therefore your first morning urine may be cloudy. Cloudy urine in men may be caused due to a mix with semen or prostatic fluid, for example, when retrograde ejaculation. Similarly in women, urine mixed with vaginal discharge can also be cloudy.

Cloudy urine caused by diseases

In this case, the cloudy urine may contains bacteria, white blood cells, pus cells or mucus in the urine. the cloudy urine is often sustained or recurrent, and needs to be diagnosed by a urologist to prevent certain underlying diseases from advancing. in the vast majority of cases, cloudy urine is caused by urinary tract infection. In some cases, cloudy urine tends to come and go.

Last update: 2012-09-04