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Cloudy urine in women

Cloudy urine causes in women

What causes cloudy urine in women?

Cloudy urine is often caused by urinary tract infections, which include kidney infection, bladder infection, and urethral infection. The urethral infection is medically called as "urethritis", that is an inflammation of the urethra, and usually caused by an infection. The urethra is located above and close to the vaginal opening; Its length is short. Because the two defects in anatomy, the female urethra is susceptible to infection from outside. Especially in menstruation, menopause, sexual intercourse, the probability of having the urethritis is usually significantly increased. Vulvitis and vaginitis can cause urethritis by the way of "ascending infection". That is because the bacteria of the vulva, vagina and paraurethral gland (the "female prostate"), often invade the urethra. The poor health habits are often precipitating factors. There is also a type of urethritis caused by the way of sexually transmitted, including gonococcal urethritis and non-gonococcal urethritis; In this case, the urethritis is summarized as sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, pregnant women suffering from cloudy urine are more frequent than usual.

The common urethritis symptoms including:

Vaginal discharge, also called leukorrhea/whites, is the secretions from the the vagina, cervix or uterus. It can be normal or abnormal, and with the color of clear, white, yellow or even red bloody. If the urine is mixed with vaginal discharge, it will turn cloudy. This cloudy urine is a result of contaminated urine, so that it's a normal phenomenon, not a sign of urinary tract infection.

Urethral infection

Urethritis is an inflammation/infection of the urethra that is usually caused by an infection (e.g. sexually transmitted diseases, ). Urethral infection in women can also be secondary to the nearby vulval infection, vaginal infection.

Women often feel urethra itching, genital itching and painful urination. Urethral opening reddish and even swollen can be seen by themselves. Urine is cloudy and white, with bacteria, white blood cells and pus in it.

Urinary tract infection

Lower urinary tract infection is also more common in women. Female urethra is short and straight, and the deformity of the external opening of urethra is common. In addition, there is a large number of bacteria are present in the perineum, that is the area between the opening of the vagina and the anus in women.

For these reasons, when a trigger factor is present, bacteria of the vulva and anus can lead to an ascending infection to result in bladder infection (cystitis).

Upper urinary tract infections also come from an ascending infection, mainly including acute pyelonephritis, pyonephrosis (suppurative destruction of the renal parenchyma), and perinephritis (inflammation of the perinephrium).

Urinary tract infections are the main causes of cloudy urine, leading to white cloudy urine with a large number of bacteria, pus cells, and white blood cells in urine. Having a fever, frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination are also main symptoms. Blood in urine can be seen.

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