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Cloudy urine pain

Cloudy urine and pain

The abnormal cloudy urine is often combined with some symptoms of pain, such as kidney pain, painful urination, abdominal pain, back pain, and high fever as well. That's termed as symptomatic cloudy urine.

Cloudy urine no pain

However, in a few cases with urinary tract infection, you may also have cloudy urine without any obvious symptoms, e.g. no pain sensation. We call this asymptomatic bacteriuria (urinary infection-induced cloudy urine).

Painful urination

Painful urination is a painful or difficult urination, and can often be felt as burning or prickly sensation when urination or after that. The pain comes from bladder and urethra for stimulation. The painful urination is frequent in urethritis, bladder infection, prostatitis, bladder stones and bladder cancer, also often appear with cloudy urine.

Abdominal pain/pelvic pain

That's a lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain from your bladder or urethra. Infection and inflammation are the main causes to cause cloudy urine and abdominal pain. The attack of the pain do not depend on urination, but often become worse when urination.

Back pain/ flank pain

The lower back pain and flank pain are both the most common symptoms in diseases of kidney and ureter. Cloudy urine and pain sensation can be produced in cases with pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney and renal pelvis), kidney stones or ureter stones which lead to the secondary infections.

Summary of pain when cloudy urine

Last update: 2011-11-14