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Cloudy urine with odor

Cloudy smelly urine

Cloudy urine with odor is a frequent phenomenon and the odor comes from the volatile acids and esters of the urine. That can occur as a normal result in healthy people, or seen in patients with bladder infection, urinary retention, and so on.

Cloudy foul smelling urine after a long-term placement

As we all know, after a long-term placement, urine gives off ammonia smell, that is produced from the decomposition of urea. (Urea, the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine, breaks down to ammonia: CO(NH2)2+H2O→2NH3↑+CO2↑.)

The occurrence of this smell urine is not directly related to people's health. It's a chemical reaction and can occur in normal urine in healthy people. Bacterial growth will accelerate this process.

Fresh cloudy urine with odor

The fresh cloudy urine has indicated that you may have been suffering from a urinary tract disease (UTI most of the time). If you smell a bad smell at the same time, then the possibility of urinary tract disease/infection is great. You'd better go to hospital for a medical examination.

The fresh cloudy foul smelling urine is often seen in chronic urinary tract infection, such as chronic cystitis, urinary retention. Causes of smelly cloudy urine include:

Other causes for cloudy smelly urine

Cloudy urine with apple-like odor can be seen in cases with diabetes-induced urinary tract infection (UTI) complicated by diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

Last update: 2011-12-28